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The first time we read Caitlin's blog, we were amazed at her keen ability to weave together words about these chic styled looks she was creating. Basically, we just love her style flare for writing & fashion. Thankfully, Caitlin partners with us here at KISA to help create fun and practical ideas for how to style your KISA pieces. 

What inspired you to start your sophistiCAITed blog?
I’m a lifelong writer with a passion for fashion and my day job was just not giving me the creative satisfaction I so desperately need in my life. Blogging seemed like such a natural fit as my artistic outlet. I'm thrilled to be able to share my ideas, tips and inspiration with others who love fashion as much as I do.

When did you become interested in fashion?
I think, on some level, I’ve always been interested in fashion. My mother did a wonderful job of letting me dress myself and experiment when I was a young girl, which sometimes meant she had to take me to the grocery store in a mismatched, colorfully layered outfit; plastic heels, jewelry piled on, and one of her old purses.

In college, I started following fashion on a more serious level; paying attention to Fashion Week & couture designers, perusing street style blogs, and spending more time getting in touch with my style identity.

 Miss Masterpiece dress // $124

Miss Masterpiece dress // $124

Why is "fashion"  important to you?
I see fashion and personal style as a quest to be uniquely me in everything I create & wear. I devote energy to my style identity and think it runs much deeper than just shopping or liking pretty things or putting on a face for the world. There’s a lot of value in caring about feeling gorgeous, enjoying a beautiful space or outfit, and aspiring to communicate that beauty through authentic, personal style. It’s simply an outward-facing mechanism to express how much we love, value, and envision ourselves as a unique person, one of so many.

What phrase or reminder do you commonly tell yourself?
“Fashion fades—only style remains the same.” An incredibly true, beautiful statement by the incomparable Coco Chanel.

As much as I refer to the term "fashion," I couldn't agree more with Coco's quote. The outfits I put together, the new shoes I buy, the way I refer to what I'm passionate about, is all fashion. It's fluid, fickle, & fun. But the only way to execute those elements well, is to have style. And the only way to carry yourself with class & confidence, wear an outfit without it wearing you, and be able to adapt to changing fashion while remaining true to timeless pieces that work for you, is style.

Fashion is at the hands of many and you may never be able to keep up with it. Style is yours.

On your blog you mention you're the "introspective type." What does this look like for you in your day-to-day life?
The simplest explanation is that I spent a lot of time in my own head. In terms of fashion, that means I’m studying the world around me with a creative lens; looking for inspiration to fuel my personal style. Maybe I see a pretty color combination, an exciting way to style a dress, a fun combination of accessories – I collect those ideas and implement it into my look. It’s a lot like a Pinterest board in my brain. That’s how my own aesthetic evolves and how I think of new ways to style others.

 Midnight Tapas dress // $94

Midnight Tapas dress // $94

What was your favorite, go-to outfit as you traveled through your teens?
My teens were all about following trends and learning (sometimes the hard way) how to stay true to my style self. It ended up being a balance of trying super trendy, fun looks and being a practical high school & college student, rocking skinny jeans and a hoodie.

As I move through my twenties, I continue to experiment, but stay truer to myself, with a better grasp on what works for me. My 20s “uniform” is black leggings or skinnies, a flowy top, scarf, and heeled booties. If I’m struggling to put together a new look, not feeling well, in a rush, or just want to feel super Caitlin, that’s what I gravitate towards. That outfit is so comfortable, relatively classic, and pulled together without feeling fussy.

In the past few years, I’ve also been completely addicted to maxi dresses. So effortlessly chic. Easy to dress up or down – sandals, booties, leather jacket, giant accessories – there are endless possibilities when it comes to styling a maxi.

 Moroccan Tendencies blouse // in White, Tangerine, & Lemon // $62

Moroccan Tendencies blouse // in White, Tangerine, & Lemon // $62

We love your pursuit to be "chic in the suburbs". What are some of your fav spots to hit up in your neighborhood?
Cat & the Fiddle is by far my favorite place in my neighborhood. It’s an antique & home furnishing fair, set up in an old house, open two weekends each month. They have everything from home décor, vintage clothing, soaps, and refurbished furniture. I get so much inspiration in that place. Sometimes I just walk around to get my creative juices flowing. I usually find a piece that speaks to me for my home.

It’s a unique challenge to stay chic & trendy when you’re not living in a super-cultural, bustling place. Finding small artistic places nearby and traveling to new regions are key activities to staying inspired.

So, with summer days upon us, what are you most looking forward to?
One of the most beautiful and inspiring parts about being a native Minnesotan is the four seasons. I absolutely love living here; fierce cold, crazy heat and everything in between. I feel like a badass for putting up with it and I have an amazing opportunity to let my look ebb and flow as the seasons change. It can be challenging—no doubt—but that just strengthens my style muscles!

This summer, I’m excited to embrace the bohemian aesthetic that is so big right now. It speaks to my summer spirit. When it’s warm, I like to spend a lot of time on the lake, exploring local food & music festivals, and relaxing on a patio with a glass of wine. I’m ready to rock a flowy kaftan, gladiator sandals, long wavy locks and a bright lip.

Be sure to soak up more summer styling tips from Caitlin every month here on our blog!

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